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Having a lot of mayanesque dreams / information / visuals coming through lately. The last sequence of last night’s dream:

I meet up with Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South (his last partner) and we go to the home that they are living in. It’s a communal home on a beautiful beach and there are a number of other people living there. The house is rather cob-like and earth toned.

Jose, Stephanie and I are talking in the communal kitchen and they take me into their humble bedroom. I browse the shelves of books and artifacts and chuckle to myself as I gain a deeper perspective into his 3d mind. Books on theology, metaphysics, the expected and the unexpected. Then Jose tells me to look through this sqaure lovely wooden framed window. I look out and am a bit surprised as the first thing I see is the Aztec calendar symbol (above) but this one I am viewing is not the same, it is altered with a different face and it is shifting. I look back at Jose and he has a redirect look and so I get closer to the window and peer deeper. I view incredible and unearthly mayan stone carvings rising maybe 50 f (?) up into the air, a higher dimensional landscape of rich totemik ecology frozen into 3D space, I must paint this someday. It is a window out of the dreamhouse environment that I was in.

After showing me the window he falls silent. The next thing I know it is morning and Stephanie and I are alone. Jose has passed on. She seems contemplative and yet vast in her consciousness. We decide to go for a walk on the beach.

We stroll down the beach and Stephanie leads me. At one point I hear a cat meowing around a rocky corner and when I make it around the corner and view the creature it is actually a dog making cat sounds with cat mannerisms. I make noises back to it in response and chuckle and frolic along.

Eventually we return to the house and the dream fades …

This called back a dream from last summer after I met Jose. The night after meeting him I had a mysterious dream of Jose and various other beings performing some kind of ceremony. It was emotional powerful. That same night before falling asleep I kept hearing bizarre noises and strange high pitched tongues outside of the window and the feeling that approaches one prior to a “close” or perhaps intimate encounter. I woke up and could not remember the exact details of the dream but have retained the emotional signature and communication lines to the location in the akashic field (which sometimes, I have learned, is better then my Jacob identity remembering full details).

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