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I am an artist, environmental scientist and ecological designer.  My heart feels a deep connection to the vitality of this planet and its inhabitants, and I am moved to tears regularly.  I consider this a hallmark of being on a pathway toward sanity.
At the age of 15, I encountered a spiritual wake-up call precipitated by rampant depression and attempted and successful suicides among my community near Seattle, Washington.  During this time, I began experimenting with forms of meditation and studied many religions and mystical traditions, synthesizing as much as I could.  This culminated in writing a 300 page study of world religion, inspired by the works of Huston Smith.
In the year 2000, I was meditating on the bathroom floor of a hotel room in Washington, DC.  My family was on vacation for spring break, but the history of the city and its brutalist architecture weighed heavily over me.  I had been focusing on compassion meditation, tuning in to anguish and plight around the world, at least to the degree that I was educated and could perceive their plight.  The voices of Rwandans, Tibetans, and Iraqis cried out to me and the deeper I went the more I punctured through the veil of my own androgynous soul.
Late in the evening, I stepped through a spiritual mirror.  This revealed to me many mysteries, that I continue to dream about to this day.
Much has happened since that time, which I look forward to sharing through sequential posts on this website.