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I had one of the most beautiful and memorable dreams of my life last night. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been going to bed at 8 PM and waking up at 4-5 AM, with a lot of dream sequences, some of which have been bizarre and unpleasant (the psychic milieu of this time). But when I awoke from this dream I had a huge smile and a sense of kinship with all of humanity and earth.

I was at a celebration in Santa Cruz, California, near the beaches of Aptos. There were a couple hundred people, old and young gathered together; people I knew and completely unfamiliar. Later in the day the wind began to pick up, and the group ventured east into the Santa Cruz Mountains at some participant’s huge tract of land.

The land had a great open field, with huge redwood trees encompassing. The couple hundred of us all gathered into a big circle and we began dancing and doing tai chi type movements, and moving about the circumference of the circle. As we moved the wind began to pick up, dust swirling around us, and spiral wispy cloud formations emerged in the sky above. Children were laughing and no one was alarmed. Then some of the group started to dance into the sky, climbing above into the spiral with epic strides, moving dust and wind and casting gentle showers outward. We were airbending and moving charge, and it was rising from the earth. Spiral lightning was exploding from around us, but scintillating delicately around our forms. The entire scene looked like a Quidditch game, but without the brooms and with great body form moves and elemental response. I joined in and experienced great elation, which I even feel now as I write.

As the dream faded, a mixed-race asian and black man asked me, “When will we do this again?”.

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