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I’m not sure what year this was precisely, but pretty sure. In my dream I was a little insect, I don’t recall which kind. I will milling about among some plants. Suddenly I heard this enormous god awful droning and screaming machine noise coming into view. I couldn’t see it or anything, but the ground began to shake and intense chaos broke out among all of the life around me. Not too long after, this enormous all-consuming machine comes overhead with huge rotating tines. I am destroyed. Everything is destroyed. I’m convinced it was a tiller used in farming.

It was one of the most terrifying and awe inspiring experiences I’ve had.

It brought home why the Jains of India choose to wear face masks and brush away insects in front of them. An extreme dedication to the circle of life. Of course, they are wealthy bankers and merchants and so they have others do their dirty work for them. I still side with the breatharians (who probably don’t want to take sides). However, I think there are plenty of delicate beautiful ways to garden — see permaculture.

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