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This was one sequence of a series of long-winded dreams this particular night, but it is the only part that I remember. It begins at my parents old house in Issaquah Washington.

I go outside and am hanging out on the street, enjoying the mystery of night, when suddenly a hyperdimensional hummer rapidly descends onto the street in front of me. The effects are exaggerated and funny, and looking back it reminds me of the bus that picks up Harry Potter in the Prizoner of Azkaban, which compresses when it slows down and can alter the frame rate of its environment without effecting itself.

Anyways, this guy gets out and it’s Phong. I had only met Phong once by that time, at the Other Side, one of my favorite Oracle Gatherings in Seattle. Phong comes up and we begin to chat. I’m excited and curious, what iz up! He says that he is manifesting his form in multiple places on Earth at that moment and shows me how he is teaching some tech stuff to students down in California and also here at the same time. Then, without any words being said I realize that he is also running point on other dimensional levels and fairly conscious of it. I distincly recall screens and higher dimensional orchestration.

A very multidimensional dream.

He bids me farewell and hops in the hyper-hummer and blasts off.

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