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An extensive training dream with many characters where we were all outdoors as a part of some school. A particular friend of mine (who I do not recognize from this life) was studying under a particular master practicing with diamondback rattlesnakes. He would allow them to bite him, and then over the next bit of time a growth would form over the bite, that appeared to be some kind of healing bacteria or fungus? it was not clear. This neutralized the venom and he experienced no ill effects. I did not ask, but it was almost as if he had ingested bacteria or fungus that worked symbiotically, but it is also possible that bacteria or fungus already living symbiotically in the body was doing this or perhaps he had consumed or applied some microorganism at some point and amalgamated the healing from it and gained that protection. Or perhaps he was generating this “innately”, whatever that means lol!

Then the master and the daring disciple practiced having the snakes bite each other.

I did not feel fear of these snakes, but I was staring at their color and backs a lot noting the unusual color, more military fatigue like with green and brown then the pictures of diamondbacks that I can find. Something very deep to me about the military fatigue colors, brings back extremely deep memories and deposits of feeling. Somehow has felt related to tracing where warring patterns come from.

The military colors and related dreams and experiences always take me back to some experiences that I had when I was young, perhaps 4 or 5. I feel like some of these experiences were dreams and some were 3D experiences. What I remember was a particular texture and feeling associated with a range or colors (military colors in photo attached) that related to the opening of certain portals and akashic access points. When this happened it would unfurl into these vast spaces that I would describe as highly elongated and stretched out, higher dimensional realms that related to a range of spiritual lineage that I now relate to mayan, but would not limit it to that as that is an approximation. During regression meditations and experiences I have looked for a 3 or 4D abduction type overlay and have not felt one there, as the experience itself felt far more removed and alien, which is to say difficult to relate to normal causality, drama and experience. I remember vast realms with highly reptilian signatures and yet would not limit it to any range of form because the experience itself felt far removed from racial lineages and boundaries, but describing it as Jurassic or dinosaur like helps. Michael Harner in his book “The Way of the Shaman” relates an ayahuasca experience where massive entities come down to earth in ships and reveal themselves as creators, etc. This feels related.

One experience in particular was at my cousins house in Portland, OR. I can recall the experience emotionally and in my mind’s eye, but describing it is so tricky. But it brings back such ancient and bizarre mystical wonder and strangeness, and yet a comfort too, which I do not feel is illusion.

I could say much about this, but I’m not feeling that it is clear enough yet. It’s funny how once one starts recollecting and drawing an experience or memory near, it opens up and becomes accessed in such a way where certain amounts of language can surround it. All that I know is that I have a part of my identity “there” and have been able to connect and link up with those realms to varying degrees at different times in my life by recalling these color ranges or grasping for a particular texture. Because those realms have felt a deep desire and longing for healing, they stick out at certain points, as if to say “don’t neglect me! we are still here”. Reading about the destruction of Maldek and the asteroid belt also connects to these realms for me.

These memories have been difficult to share and even fully interact with and yet I feel very comfortable with them, partially because they are but one access point of many in the sea and those celestial streams that flow into and out of it. It has been with the access to these many other realms, typically of a more oceanic and weightless nature, and yet too much to describe right now, that have helped bridge and create communion between the different realms and layers of being. And lo! the earth has jungles with incredible speciation, oceans and vast and silent mountain ranges. Human experience, positioned somewhere “in the middle” as a connection point.

This is not to say that these experiences are particularly unique or idiosyncratic, but rather that I feel we all sense and interpret in different ways. And indeed we all seem to have connections to different realms and forms and frequencies that we amalgamate and harmonize with as part of our spiritual process in these bodies.

All of this from a snake bite.

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