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I was meditating before sleep intentionalizing a lucid dream state of island hopping and it happened. I was living in a house on an island which wasn’t Maui (even though I was on Maui at the time). I got up and walked around the rather plush house and then went outside. That’s when I tickled myself and realized I was lucid and proceeded to practice flying. Ever since I was young, I’ve flown in a lot of my dreams, for various reasons (if there was one) and I had always made this flapping motion with my arms, cause it seemed graceful and like swimming.

This time I let go of the need to flap my arms and decided to just elevate and move about the environment without much body motion. This felt very different, but it allowed for a different sort of swimming feeling.

The dream was a very lucid one, mostly composed of flying from island to island and interacting with other flying beings. It was fun. The islands were lush and highly populated. It ended in a cafe with a bunch of friends from college.

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