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The last dream of a sequence, I think that I came into this space through the lens of the camera.

I was at a hilltop beach area that resembled the Big Sur region of California, overlooking the vastness of oceanicness. There were two beings here, woman and man, man with a video camera, woman with a pig. They had gear and backpacks even though there house was only a half mile away along a trail that cut along the top of the hill. Very lovely country.

They were setting up a ceremonial spot in this flat clearing area in between the hills. After clearing out the area, the man took his video camera and began exploring the area just over the hill, further on down the trail.

My consciousness stayed behind at the ceremonial space with the woman and at some point I realized that my presence was not known to them and I was seeing things mostly through the camera lens although I also viewed the camera from outside of it, so I know that my perspective was shifting even though I didn’t have a body, perhaps I was an orb.

Suddenly the man yells “bear!” and comes running back to camp. He and the woman start to sprint back up the trail to their home. The man is still filming the proceedings, although I view the scene from 40 ft or so above head and see this bear just blasting toward them. The man carrying his camera, is slowed, and is at pace with the pig as the woman jets ahead and makes it to the house. I zoom in and enter into the camera perspective again, and see the man turn around and the bear comes lunging for them. I can feel my consciousness merge with the man and his fear, but the bear avoids him and takes on the pig. My view shifts and the pig is getting eaten and the bear totally ignores the man.

The man takes his camera and leaves the pig to be consumed by the bear. I detach from his perspective and float above the area and the dream dissipates with the golden sunset.

It’s interesting because the bear keeps coming up in dreams and 3D experiences as a totem, especially in relation to Polaris, the North Star.

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