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Went to bed a little early and lay there toning for a while. The last three days have been non-stop layer dissolution, multi-D memory streaming. So I lay there and mayanish memories and feelings start to come in. In the darkness and stillness I saw mayan glyphs and symbols. Feeling time engineering alignments coming online around nowish.

It took a while to fall asleep.

Dream /// :.

Family holiday gathering (with various other people not actually in the family), all assembled in a sprawling one-story New Mexico home with large rooms. For some reason Joan Halifax is ‘leading’ the proceedings. She is the Zen Roshi who started Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM and was a part of starting the Ojai Foundation in Ojai, CA where folks like Terence McKenna, Jose Arguelles, Kat Harrison, Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith used to convene in the 1980s.

The family leaves and then I talk to Joan Halifax one on one for a while. She is very loving and warm, and reinforces my buddhist tendencies. For the last several years I have been pondering whether or not to do a residency at Upaya and I was accepted in 2009 and then got a job and so switched gears. Last fall I resubmitted and was told to that it is too full, ask again in March. Now I wonder, but am leaning toward the nomadic path this year.

I feel this dream releases any attachment that I may have had to her as a guru, as I “know” that the guru attachments are being phased out completely.

It’s funny cause she is a Leo, in the sea of my Leo friends.

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